You may find a few highlights of our media presence here.

As part of the outreach efforts by LBAS, our Services President, Jiri Maly, visited Rota in December 2018. Besides taking the chance to know our work at Naval Station Rota firsthand, he was also interviewed by La Voz de Cádiz , a leading local newspaper both in its printed and its digital edition.

La Voz held a lengthy interview with Mr. Maly in which he spoke at length about the current situation at the Station and the future perspectives for LBAS. We invite you to read the interview over at lavozdigital.esThe interview includes a video, which we are embedding below along with a few highlighted quotes.

“This is not a conflict with our workers; our workforce is doing a superb job”

“Should the US Navy rescind the current contract with Louis Berger, the whole of the workforce would be out of a job”

“We made an offer which preserved as many jobs as possible in a context of reduced workload”

Jiri Maly, Services President at Louis Berger